An AGV system can reach a 100% ROI payback as quickly as 12 months after implementation. Once your AGV system reaches ROI equilibrium, it begins to absorb and lower your total cost of operation after the initial ROI period. Your only additional costs will be routine maintenance, which gives you a great advantage over traditional manual transport systems that have a continuous growing operating cost.

AGV Advantages over Manual Transport Systems

Reduced labor and associated staff management costs.

Increased dependability and productivity: AGVs can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without taking a break. AGVs need only to have the batteries charged during the cycle with an opportunity charge system or have batteries changed with a change out system to be continuously available.

Increased efficiency: AGV systems are programmed to work as a cohesive system, reducing time wasted by waiting and late deliveries.

Less product handling damage: AGVs have controlled motion systems with an accuracy of plus or minus 3/8" so your materials always are delivered on time and on position.

Increased Safety: Because an AGV based material handling system requires no human interaction, personnel injuries are greatly reduced. Because the vehicles follow strict programming and patterns there is a decrease of downtime from collisions and a reduction of damage to the facility and equipment.

Calculating Return on Investment

Figure out what you are spending on fixed labor for your material handling needs. One AGV can typically replace 1 driver/shift in a traditional transport system. Our sales team can help you calculate your ROI from implementing an AGV system as part of our standard process in developing budgetary quotes.